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Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy

We all come to forks on our path through life.

There can be many things and events that bring us here.

We may feel unheard, feel isolated, feel trapped, feel that we've lost our way, feel overwhelmed with anxiety, depression, or fear.

If you are reading this, it may indicate that you are ready to take a closer look at whatever concerns you may have.


About Us

a closer look is an Adelaide-based partnership, offering individual counselling, hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy. We create and offer spaces for personal change that are safe, affordable, and accessible.

Colin Darcey

Colin Darcey

0419 808 593

Colin Darcey is a counsellor and psychotherapist with ten years of experience. He is a registered clinical counsellor and clinical member of the Australia Hypnotherapy Association. He is committed to a client centred approach to therapy, using modalities such as transpersonal counselling, hypnotherapy and a number of counselling techniques in this way. All of this informed by his interest in comparative religion and spirituality, particularly using the practical lessons from Buddhism.

Masters of Counselling Practice, Masters of Cognitive Science, Grad. Dip. Applied Psych, Adv. Dip. of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dip. in Transpersonal Counselling, PACFA.

Oliver Rozsnay

Oliver Rozsnay

0422 695 528

Oliver Rozsnay is a counsellor and psychotherapist with a wide range of life experiences. He has an extensive work history counselling in many settings within the community services sector as well as training in the VET sector. He is particularly well placed to work with a wide variety of dependence issues. He is curious and loves to listen and engage with people who are struggling with the everyday concerns of their existence. He will be a fellow traveller as you creatively explore these concerns with him. He brings experience with several therapeutic approaches including gestalt and existential approaches.

Masters of Counselling Practice, Grad. Dip. of Education, B. Arts (Hons), Cert IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs and Cert IV in Training and Assessment, PACFA

How We Work

Creating Spaces For Change

All too often we tend to think of change in terms of fixing something - we fix the car or we fix the fence. When it comes to aspects of ourselves, however, it is not always possible to "fix" things. It is rather a space for change that is required, which will allow us to move forward.

A broken arm is not fixed by immobilising it with a splint. The splint creates the space and environment for the body to knit the parts together in a healthy way.

Equally, most other aspects of our lives can be improved by accessing and creating a space for change. It is in this space that we can discover a new way of being by seeing our lives with fresh eyes.

a fork in the road

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Oliver Rozsnay: 0422 695 528
Colin Darcey: 0419 808 593
(Visit Colin's website at https://selfigy.com.au/)


If you'd like more information about services and appointment availability, send us an email using the form below.


310 South Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia 5000